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E+E- Annihilation into Heavy Fermion Pairs in the Two Higgs-Doublet Model

W. Beenakker
A. Denner
A. Kraft
Journal / Anthology

Nuclear Physics B
Year: 1993
Volume: 410
Page range: 219-244

Electroweak radiative one-loop corrections to heavy-fermion pair production in e+e- annihilation are calculated in the two Higgs-doublet extension of the standard model. The numerical size of the additional non-standard corrections is discussed for the process e+e- -> tt. The relative difference between the predictions of the two Higgs-doublet model and the minimal standard model is typically of the order of a few percent. For a light scalar Higgs, however, the difference can be of the order of 10% at high energies and even larger close to threshold. If one imposes the supersymmetric constraints on the parameters of the Higgs sector, the difference is usually below ~ 2%; for a light pseudoscalar and close to threshold it reaches 4%.

*Science > Physics > Nuclear and Particle Physics