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Some Recent Results Using Symbolic Algebra

N. Munro
Organization: University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology
Department: Head of the Control Systems Centre
P. Tsapekis
Journal / Anthology

IEEE/IFAC Joint Symposium on Computer Aided Control System Design
Year: 1994
Page range: 109-116

This paper is concerned with the application of an algebraic language (known as Mathematica[1]) to control engineering algorithmic problems. Several problems of significant interest to control engineers are considered. Two methods of computing the Smith-McMillan form are presented, and two approaches to the creation of minimal state-space realizations are considered. Balanced minimal realizations, model-order reduction, and minimal order matrix-fraction models are also examined. The algorithms implemented are all illustrated by examples.

*Engineering > Control Theory

Symbolic algebra, Smith-McMillan form, minimal (balanced) realizations, model-order reduction, minimal-order matrix-fractions.