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Multiparameter Direct Variational Solutions for Linear Dissipative Oscillators

V. Fatic
Journal / Anthology

Mathematical and Computer Modelling
Year: 1990
Volume: 14
Page range: 87-92

The validity of Lagrangian functional for linear dissipative oscillator is checked by using it as a tool for approximate solutions via direct methods of variational calculus. The results of a single-parameter approximation, presented in an earlier work, are considerably improved by increasing the number of parameters in test function. The same method is applied to the more conventional Lagrangian functions, formulated by the multiplier method and the image (adjoint) method. These results allow a comparative estimate of the accuracy obtained by three different methods.

*Applied Mathematics > Numerical Methods
*Mathematics > Calculus and Analysis > Calculus of Variations

Variational principles, Langrangian equation, dissipative systems, direct variational methods