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Fuzzifying a Target Motion Analysis Model using Fril and Mathematica

J. Baldwin
T. Martin
Journal / Anthology

Proceedings of the Third IEEE Conference on Fuzzy Systems
Year: 1994
Volume: 2
Page range: 1171-1175

Fril is a logic programming language incorporating sophisticated methods for handling fuzzy and probabilistic uncertainty. A knowledge-based interface, the Intelligent Manual, has been written in Fril for use as a front end to technical documentation and mathmatical modelling software. In this paper the authors illustrate how the Intelligent Manual can be used to investigate two fuzzy mathematical models of target motion analysis (in Mathematica). It is well known that care must be taken when performing calculations involving fuzzy quantities, and the Fril Intelligent Manual software is able to analyse the models and determine the most appropriate fuzzy calculation method.

*Engineering > Control Theory
*Mathematics > Foundations of Mathematics > Logic

uncertainty handling, logic programming languages, user interfaces, case-based reasoning, knowledge based systems, target tracking, software packages, mathematics