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Detection of Double-Quantum Coherences in a Spin-5/2 System Excited by Spin-Lock Sequences

P. Man
Journal / Anthology

Journal of Magnetic Resonance A
Year: 1995
Volume: 113
Page range: 40-46

The density matrix of a spin-5/2 system excited by a spin-lock sequence {Y} {-X} -[acquisition (y)], is calculated from the equilibrium state to the acquisition period using the program Mathematica. The interaction involved throughout the computation is the first-order quadrupolar interaction. Consequently, the results are valid for any ratio of the quadrupolar coupling wQ to the amplitude wFR of the RF pulse. The behavior of the central-line intensities versus the second-pulse length is discussed for several sequences with various phase cyclings. It is shown that double-quantum coherences developed by the first pulse can be detected selectively. Some predictions are illustrated with the 27Al nuclei in a single crystal of corundum alpha-Al2O3.

*Science > Physics > Quantum Physics