Notebook Formatting

  • You can customize your notebook settings by using the Option Inspector menu item, which is located in the Format menu.

  • To add a page break after a particular cell, you can use the option PageBreakBelow -> True.

  • Here are some menu items that make word processing simple.

    • You can add a toolbar to your notebook window by selecting Show ToolBar from the Format menu. With the toolbar, a format strip appears that allows you to manipulate notebooks and their cells easily. For example, you can easily choose what type of cell (e.g., text, input) the next cell will be.

    • You can also add a ruler to your notebook window by selecting Show Ruler from the Format menu. The ruler allows for easy adjustment of the alignment of all types of cells.

    • You can change the onscreen layout of your notebook as you work on it. In the Format menu, select Screen Style Environment. Once selected, you can then choose Presentation, which magnifies your notebook and makes it easier to read and edit.

    • You can easily add horizontal lines anywhere in your notebook. These lines span the width of your notebook and help you to maintain control over your notebook's presentation. To see the number of options available, go to Horizontal Lines in the Format menu.

    • You can use any number of cell dingbats to emphasize a cell. After you have highlighted the cell, go to Cell Dingbat in the Format menu to select the desired style of the dingbat. After you have chosen your dingbat, a small image should appear on the far left of the cell, enabling it to stand out from the rest of the cells.

    • There are many more options that make editing text and formatting presentations simple. These options, which include simple tasks such as editing the type of font and font color being used, can be found in the Format menu.

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