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Donald Barnhart
Organization: Optica Software, a division of i-Cyt Mission Technology
URL: http://www.opticasoftware.com

LensLab is a Mathematica application package providing a language extension for ray tracing, rendering, and analysis of simple and complex optical systems. By using this entry-level optics program, you can define lenses, mirrors, prisms, cavities, ring cavities, fresnel mirrors and lenses, lens doublets and triplets, pin holes, gratings, pipes, liquid-air interfaces, slits, optical fibers, lasers, amplifiers, beam splitters, screens, baffles, and paraxial components. Regardless of their form, all components can have rectangular, circular, elliptical, or arbitrary polygonal edges. In addition to LensLab's built-in library of lenses, mirrors, prisms, and gratings, new components can be created and existing ones modified with its component-structuring language.

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Optical engineering, fiber coupling, fiber-optic systems, Gaussian beam, geometrical optics, illumination, optics, lenses, ray tracing, optical
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