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David Reiss
Organization: Scientific Arts
URL: http://www.scientificarts.com
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ArrowExtended.m extends some of the functionality of the Graphics`Arrow` package so that the HeadShape option can include Splines, Polygons with Splines, Plot, and ParametricPlot. In each case these may be multiplied by an arbitrary numerical scaling factor. Once you have loaded the package execute the function ArrowExtendedExamples[] to generate a notebook that contains some examples of its use.

Place the file ArrowExtended.m in the AddOns/Applications subdirectory of your main Mathematica directory. After you have done this you can load the package by executing


The file ArrowExtended.m is an Encoded file that was created with Mathematica's Encode function. Although you will not be able to read the code in ArrowExtended.m, the file will load correctly using the "Get" or "Needs" command as described in the file ArrowReadMe.txt.

The most recent version of this package can always be obtained from the Scientific Arts web site at http://www.scientificarts.com.

*Mathematica Technology > Programming > 2D Graphics

Graphics`Arrow, Arrow, HeadShape
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ArrowReadMe.txt (1 KB) - Text file
ArrowExtended.m (26.4 KB) - Mathematica package

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