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ColorMath: A Package for Color Summed Calculations in SU(Nc)

Malin Sjodahl
Organization: Lund Unversity
Department: Department of Astronomy and Theoretical Physics
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ColorMath is an easy-to-use Mathematica package for symbolically performing color summed calculations in SU(N). It is based on advanced pattern matching and uses a syntax which is very similar to how QCD color structure is written on paper. Color contractions of any color amplitude appearing in QCD can be performed. ColorMath also supports the definition of color vectors and bases and special functions, such as scalar products, are defined for such color tensors.

The package is contained in ColorMath1.0.m. To get started it is recommended to use the tutorial, ColorMathTutorial1.0.nb, and modify its content according to the desired usage.

The package manual has been published in EPJC and is available from the arXiv, as well as from the ColorMath webpage, which will be the main source of future upgrades.

ColorMath1.0 has been tested with Mathematica 7, 8 and 9.

*Mathematics > Algebra > Group Theory
*Science > Physics > Nuclear and Particle Physics

QCD, SU(N), SU(Nc), group theory, color, colour

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ColorMath1.0.m (98.3 KB) - Mathematica Package
ColorMathTutorial1.0.nb (187.1 KB) - Mathematica Notebook