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Complex Analysis: Mathematica Notebooks

John H. Mathews
Organization: California State University Fullerton
Department: Mathematics
URL: http://math.fullerton.edu/mathews/
Russell Howell
Organization: Westmont College
Department: Mathematics & Computer Science Dept.
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This item contains complex analysis software coded in Mathematica 8.0. The examples are described in the textbook "Complex Analysis: for Mathematics and Engineering," 6th Edition, Jones & Bartlett, Pub. Inc., Burlington, MA, 2011. See Wolfram Library Archive item 6099 for Mathematica 6.0 notebooks.

*Applied Mathematics
*Mathematics > Calculus and Analysis > Complex Analysis

Complex Analysis, Complex Numbers, Complex Function, Analytic Function, Harmonic Function, Residue Theory, Laurent Series, Contour Integrals, Poisson Integral, Dirichlet Problem, Conformal Mapping, Joukowski Airfoil, Schwarz-Christoffel Transformation, Fourier Series, Laplace Transform, z-Transformation
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ComplexAnalysis.Mathews.2011.zip (4.7 MB) - ZIP archive

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