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Indical Tensor Package Using Notebook Interface

Dal-Ho Park
Organization: Department of Physics, Sangji University
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These packages modelled on MathTensor(TM) contain routines for manipulating indical and component tensors in General Relativity and Kaluza-Klein Theory. References and a few examples are included in notebooks.

The capabilities in IndexNotation package include: various indices with pretty printing, flexible definitions of indical objects and operators, manipulation of dummy indices, rule definition for indical objects, index splitting for Kaluza-Klein-like theory, index lowering or raising by a metric-type object, and more.

In addition to, Tensor package, which uses the IndexNotation package as a library, has: pre-defined standard tensors and operators in general spacetime, differential form manipulation, tensor simplification by pattern matching, component tensors in general basis, and more.

These packages are for Version 4.0 or later.

*Science > Physics > Relativity Theory

Tensor, General Relativity, Kaluza-Klein

IndexNotationTensor.txt (339 B) - Text file in DOS format
Download (686.9 KB) - Compressed ZIP file