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Four Triangle Fractals using Bucky Numbers and Synergetics Coordinates

Clifford J. Nelson
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B_3 numbers and my version of "Synergetics coordinates" are used to make four fractals based on the same method: the Sierpinski triangle when the Mean is used; a trefoil I call the "Harmonic Trinity" when the HarmonicMean is used; two thirds of a circle when the GeometricMean is used; and something else when the RootMeanSquare is used.

The notebook TriangleFractals.nb requires two packages, RBFields.m and SynCoordinates.m, that can are part of "Buckminster Fuller Notebooks" (item 600).

*Mathematics > Discrete Mathematics > Cellular Automata

Buckminster Fuller, Synergetics, Fractal
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TriangleFractals.nb (452.6 KB) - Mathematica notebook