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Connecting Mathematica to O-Matrix

Frank Kampas
Organization: Physicist at Large Consulting
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O-Matrix ( is an affordable Matlab-like Windows tool with execution speed comparable to Matlab. Connecting O-Matrix to Mathematica allows the user to combine Mathematica's symbolic functionality with the numerical power of O-Matrix. This notebook shows how to connect to O-Matrix through its COM Interface, using Mathematica's .NET/Link functionality. Note that the file OMServerHelper.dll must be placed in the same directory as the O-Matrix included file OMServer.dll.

*Applied Mathematics > Numerical Methods
*Mathematica Technology > Installation > Systems and Installation > Windows
*Mathematica Technology > Linking Technology > .NET/Link

O-Matrix, NETLink, COM
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O-Matrix Mathematica Link.nb (51.8 KB) - Mathematica Notebook
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