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Rotater Converter

Xah Lee
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SaveToRotaterFormat.m is a package that export Mathematica graphics into a format that can be read by the Mac program Rotater or by the DOS/Windows program

Rotater v.3.5 by Craig Kloeden is a real-time 3D visualization program for the Macintosh. A DOS/Windows version is written by Marijke van Gans and called These programs read a simple ASCII file of coordinates, then you can rotate the 3D object in real-time using your mouse. Both program represents the 3D object by wireframes. Surface/polygon are not supported as of 1996/08. Both programs are fast and free. The latest version of Rotater and can be found at:

*Mathematica Technology > Programming > 2D Graphics
*Mathematica Technology > Programming > 3D Graphics
*Mathematica Technology > Programming > Packages and Contexts

3D graphics, geometry, visualization, rotate, parametric surfaces
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SaveToRotaterFormat.m (9.8 KB) - Mathematica Package
SaveToRotaterFormatExamples.nb (20.7 KB) - Mathematica Notebook

Files specific to Mathematica 2.2 version:
Download (15.5 KB) - Mathematica Notebook 2.2 or older
SaveToRotaterFormatExamples.nb (19 KB) - Mathematica Notebook