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Create packages with help in the Help Browser and palette in Palettes menu

Jose Luis Gomez-Munoz
Organization: ITESM-CEM
Department: Physics and Mathematics
URL: http://homepage.cem.itesm.mx/lgomez/
Ruben Dario Santiago-Acosta
Organization: ITESM CEM
Department: DIA Ciencias Básicas
Revision date


We have created a tutorial to transform a Mathematica package into an Add-on with the following characteristics: 1. It will be loaded using the Needs[] command, just like the built-in Mathematica Add-ons 2. Its documentation will appear in Mathematica's Help Browser 3. It will have a Palette in the Palettes menu of Mathematica.

*Mathematica Technology > Front End
*Mathematica Technology > Front End > Help Browser
*Mathematica Technology > Front End > Palettes and Dialog Boxes
*Mathematica Technology > Front End > Saving and Exporting
*Mathematica Technology > Programming
*Mathematica Technology > Programming > Packages and Contexts
*Mathematica Technology

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createMathematicaAddOn.nb (5.1 MB) - Mathematica Notebook [for Mathematica 5.2]

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