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Pythonika. Enabling Python scripting within Mathematica

Ero Carrera Ventura
Organization: Sabre Security GmbH
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Pythonika is a MathLink module that allows to write and evaluate Python code from within Mathematica Notebooks.

Pythonika automatically translates all basic types from Mathematica into Python and back. Python expressions returning complex, integer or long numbers, strings, lists, tuples, sets or dictionaries will evaluate into the corresponding objects in Mathematica. Dictionaries are returned as list of lists containing key/value pairs.

It's also possible to define Mathematica functions which are just Python code where all the conversion of the arguments is done transparently. It's not even necessary to tell how many arguments the Python function is taking!! Pythonika is clever enough to figure it out.

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Python, Mathematica, MathLink, Scripting, Programming

pythonika-1.0.tar.gz (680.9 KB) - GZIP archive
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