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MATLABio - update

Chris Rodgers
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This updated version of MATLABio is compatible with Matlab R2006a and Mathematica 5.2. Tested on Fedora Core 5 Linux.

This MathLink Mathematica extension adds powerful support for reading and writing Matlab .MAT files in Mathematica. Unlike the built-in Import and Export functions, MATLABio can read and write arbitrary numbers of matrices to a single .MAT file. Furthermore, MATLABio is not limited to version 5 of the .MAT format.

Using this extension it is trivial to exchange results with Matlab code.

*Mathematica Technology > Front End > Importing

Matlab, Mathematica, MathLink, Import, Export, MAT, matrix, MATLABio
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matlabio.nb (759.9 KB) - Installation instructions [for Mathematica 5.2]
matlabio.tar.gz (212.6 KB) - GZIP archive
Download (210.7 KB) - ZIP archive