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Obtaining the Roots of Non-Linear Equations and Integrating some special Functions

Sam Gordji
Organization: University of Mississippi
Department: Information Technology
Leili Pirouzian
Organization: University of Mississippi
Department: Engineeing
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This article is designed for those interested in obtaining solutions for some non-linear equations using Mathematica. Here some complex equations are solved and graphed. The Built-in-Function "FindRooT' and "Plot" are used to solve complex equations associated with Richards' equation and graphing those equations. These equations appear in the field of Soil Physics and in other math and engineering applications. In the following, some equations involving Error Function are graphed using Built-in-Function "FindRoot". Also, the integral of a few famous functions are obtained and the results are compared with those in the integral tables.

*Engineering > Chemical Engineering

Error Function, Complementary Error Function, non-linear equations, Built-in-function, Table of Integrals, Richards' equation