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Penrose Tiles

Lyman P. Hurd
Organization: Iterated Systems, Inc
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Penrose Tiles A sequence of routines is given which apply the "deflation" operator to a finite collection of Penrose Kite and Dart tiles. This procedure allows complicated tilings to arise out of simple ones. A sample notebook is provided to illustrate the operator, and several sample tilings are presented. Display routines are provided for rendering the tilings which are kept internally in symbolic form.

*Mathematica Technology > Programming > 2D Graphics
*Mathematics > Geometry > Plane Geometry
*Mathematics > Geometry > Tiling

Applied Mathematics, Pure Mathematics, Applied Math, Pure Math, Penrose Tiles, Penrose Dart Tile, Penrose Kite Tile, Computer Science, complexity, graph theory, 2D Graphics 2D, aperiodic
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Penrose.m (5.4 KB) - Mathematica package
PenroseTiles.nb (1 MB) - Sample notebook

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Download (418.6 KB) - Sample notebook