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QDENSITY: A Quantum Computer Simulation

Bruno Julia-Diaz
Organization: University of Pittsburgh
Department: Physics and Astronomy
URL: http://www.pitt.edu/
Frank Tabakin
Organization: University of Pittsburgh
Department: Physics and Astronomy
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qubit This Mathematica 5.2 package is a simulation of a Quantum Computer. The program provides a modular, instructive approach for generating the basic elements that make up a quantum circuit. The main emphasis is on using the density matrix, although an approach using state vectors is also implemented in the package. The package commands are defined in Qdensity.m which contains the tools needed in quantum circuits, e.g. multiqubit kets, projectors, gates, etc. A tutorial notebook,Tutorial.nb is provided that serves as a guide to the package. Finally, application is made to a variety of relevant cases, including Teleportation, Quantum Fourier transform, Grover's search and Shor's algorithm, in separate notebooks: QFT.nb, Teleportation.nb, Grover.nb and Shor.nb where each algorithm is explained in detail. Finally, two examples of the construction and manipulation of cluster states, which are part of "one way computing" ideas, are included as an additional tool in the notebook Cluster.nb. A Mathematica palette containing most commands in QDENSITY is also included: QDENSpalette.nb .

*Engineering > Electrical Engineering
*Mathematics > Number Theory
*Science > Physics > Quantum Physics

Quantum Physics, Quantum Computer, Quantum Circuits



QDNotebooks.zip (481.8 KB) - ZIP archive
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