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TuGames Version 2.2

Holger Ingmar Meinhardt
Organization: University of Karlsruhe
Department: Institute for Statistics and Economic Theory
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TuGames is a Mathematica package to determine and to check some game properties of transferable utility games. It provides more than 100 different functions to calculate, for instance, (pre-)kernel elements, the (pre-)nucleolus, the Shapley value, excess payoffs, the tau-value, the vertices of a core, and much more. Moreover, it verifies if the game is convex, average-convex or super-additive just to mention some interesting game properties. It can be used in serial as well as in parallel mode, and in conjunction with MATLink to build up a Matlab connection to invoke the toolbox MatTuGames. This package is an upgrade of the package TuGames version 1.1 from the URL

which is now exclusively dedicated to Mathematica 8.x and higher. In this respect, the graphical features should run on all platforms. As a highlight, a new and fast algorithm to seek for a pre-kernel element is implemented in the updated package. This algorithm is described in the book

The Pre-Kernel as a Tractable Solution for Cooperative Games An Exercise in Algorithmic Game Theory Series: Theory and Decision Library C, Vol. 45 Meinhardt, Holger Ingmar 2014, XXXIII, 242 p. 8 illus., 4 illus. in color

*Applied Mathematics > Game Theory

Cooperative Games, Transferable Utility Games, (Pre-)Kernel, (Pre-)Nucleolus, Shapley Value, Tau-Value, Convexity, Supermodular, Average-Convexity, Excess, Vertices of the Core, Balanced Collection.

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