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IJTiff - Extended grayscale TIFF access using ImageJ classes

Harald Hauglin
Organization: University of Oslo
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IJTiff v.1.02 by Harald Hauglin

This package uses public domain ImageJ java classes for importing grayscale TIFF files and stacks and writing 8 and 16 bit integer and 32 bit floating point TIFF files

Mathematica J/Link is used to access java classes of the ImageJ image processing library. ImageJ is maintained by Wayne Rasband at NIH and is available for free at

For full source code and API documentation:

Tested with ij.jar version 1.33

*Mathematica Technology > Linking Technology > J/Link
*Mathematica Technology > Programming > 2D Graphics

16 bit, 32 bit, TIFF
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IJTiff.m (7.1 KB) - Mathematica Package