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Elect, Bead, and Star Zonohedra

Russell Towle
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Constructions for the polar n-zonohedra and related forms are given. "Elect" zonohedra are determined by subsets of a polar n-zonohedron's determining vectors. "Bead" zonohedra are zonohedra inscribed within a polar n-zonohedron, and strung along its symmetry axis like beads. "Star" zonohedra are polar n-zonohedra with intersecting faces, in which the n vectors are ordered using a "jump" index, as if we were inscribing a star polygon in a regular polygon.

*Mathematica Technology > Programming > 3D Graphics
*Mathematics > Geometry > Solid Geometry

polar n-zonohedron, bead zonohedron, star zonohedron, elect zonohedron
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