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Paley's Construction of Hadamard Matrices

Levent Kitis
Organization: SRS Technologies Systems Engineering and Analysis
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This package contains a program for constructing a Hadamard matrix of order m = 2e (qn + 1) where q is an odd prime, n is a positive integer, and e is any positive integer such that Mod[m, 4] = 0. The construction given by Paley in 1933 is used. The program is not optimized for storage and speed. The order m of the Hadamard matrix it produces is restricted to be less than 1000.

*Mathematics > Algebra > Linear Algebra
*Mathematics > Discrete Mathematics > Coding Theory

Hadamard matrix, Paley's construction, orthogonal matrix, integer matrix, orthogonal design, coding theory, combinatorics, error-correcting codes, spectroscopy, imaging, Galois field, Legendre symbol, Hadamard design
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Hadamard.doc (7.6 KB) - Plain-text documentation for Hadamard.m
Hadamard.m (4.5 KB) - Mathematica package

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