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Bruce E Shapiro
Organization: Caltech
Department: Control and Dynamical Systems
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The MathSBML package for Mathematica provides facilities for reading models expressed in SBML Level 1, converting them to systems of ordinary differential equations, and solving and plotting the results in Mathematica. The open-source package is downloadable from, subject to a GNU Lesser General Public License.

SBML - the Systems Biology Markup Language - is an XML-based description language for for simulations in systems biology ( SBML is oriented towards representing biochemical networks, including cell signaling pathways, metabolic pathways, biochemical reactions, and gene regulation.

Ref: Hucka et al, The systems biology markup language (SBML): a medium for representation and exchange of biochemical network models, Bioinformatics, 19(4):513-523

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SBML, reactions, biology, signal transduction, chemical reaction, Systems Biology Markup Language, XML, biochemistry
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