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Discrete Mathematics Package for webMathematica

G. H. Smith
Organization: University of Technology, Sydney
Department: Department of Mathematical Sciences
N. A. Nicorovici
Organization: The University of Sydney
Department: Theoretical Physics Group, School of Physics
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This system of packages is an innovative contribution to flexible learning, using Mathematica interactively, by means of webMathematica. It is based on the MathSource item DiscreteMaths. Here, we have changed the notebooks into MSPs, and adapted the packages according to the requirements of webMathematica. The system has been tested on a demonstration site, on a single computer, with Apache Tomcat as standalone servlet engine.

*Mathematica Technology > Special Versions > webMathematica
*Mathematics > Discrete Mathematics
*Mathematics > Foundations of Mathematics > Set Theory

webMathematica, Discrete Math
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ReadMe.txt (4.2 KB) - Instructions for use
Download (229.7 KB) - Discrete math MSP files
Install_Discrete.nb (7.5 KB) - Installation instructions
Download (43 KB) - Discrete math packages