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Eric Weisstein's MathWorld Packages

Eric W. Weisstein
Organization: Wolfram Research, Inc.
Department: Senior Research Fellow, Scientific Information Group
URL: http://www.ericweisstein.com/
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As a part of MathWorld, Eric Weisstein has made many notebooks and packages available. For example, the Ellipse entry has a notebook with some material relating to ellipses. The initialization of the Ellipse notebook requires packages located here. To use these packages in Mathematica, place them in a folder called MathWorld inside your $UserAddOnsDirectory/Applications directory (or any other directory on your $Path).

A directory of precomputed graphs of common types for use with Graphs.m is available in a separate zip archive here. A directory of precomputed magic squares and cubes for use with MagicSquares.m is available in a separate zip archive. Finally, a version of Joe Christy's 1991 MathSource packages (slightly updated and corrected to run correctly in current versions of Mathematica) are provided together with code to access them through Knots.m

Eric Weisstein's utility packages for MathWorld (including EISFormat.m, LiveGraphics3D.m, Plot.m, Simplify.m, and Typesetting.m) are available as MathSource item 5087.

The MathWorld packages zipfile contains Apodization.m, Archimedean.m, Calculus.m, CellularAutomata.m, Chess.m, CircleLatticePoints.m, ClassNumbers.m, Constants.m, ConvexHull.m, CotSeries.m, Curves.m, CurvilinearCoordinates.m, Digits.m, DirichletIntegrals.m, Duals.m, EllipticSingular.m, FairDice.m, Fermat.m, Figurate.m, Fourier.m, Fractal.m, Graphs.m, Groups.m, Hanoi.m, Hauy.m, Icosahedra.m, IntegerSequences.m, JohnsonSolids.m, LikePowers.m, Lucas.m, MachinFormulas.m, MagicSquares.m, MapProjections.m, Matrices.m, Mersenne.m, MiscPolyhedra.m, Norm.m, Packing.m, PerfectSquare.m, PeriodicContinuedFractions.m, PlaneGeometry.m, Platonic.m, PolyhedronOperations.m, Polygons.m, Polyomino.m, PrimeArray.m, Prisms.m, Quadrature.m, RSANumbers.m, Repunit.m, Sociable.m, SolidGeometry.m, SpecialFunctions.m, Stats.m, Surfaces.m, UniformPolyhedra.m, and VertexEnum.m.


*Applied Mathematics
*Arts and Humanities > Visual Art
*Mathematica Technology > Programming

MathWorld, graphs, polyhedra, constants, packages, Apodization, Calculus, CellularAutomata, Chess, CircleLatticePoints, ClassNumbers, Constants, ConvexHull, CotSeries, Curves, CurvilinearCoordinates, Digits, DirichletIntegrals, Duals, EllipticSingular, Fermat, Figurate, Fourier, Fractal, Groups, Hanoi, Hauy, IntegerSequences, Knots, LikePowers, Lucas, MachinFormulas, MagicSquares, MapProjections, Matrices, Mersenne, Norm, Packing, PerfectSquare, PeriodicContinuedFractions, PlaneGeometry, Polygons, Polyomino, PrimeArray, Prisms, Quadrature, RSANumbers, Repunit, Sociable, SolidGeometry, SpecialFunctions, Stats, Surfaces, VertexEnum
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Graphs.zip (2.4 MB) - MathWorld Graphs 2003-11-25
Knots.zip (32.7 KB) - MathWorld Knots 2007-10-10 [for Mathematica 6.0]
MagicSquares.zip (6.6 MB) - MathWorld Magic Squares 2003-11-25
MathWorldPackages.zip (994.8 KB) - Eric Weisstein's MathWorld Packages 2007-10-10 [for Mathematica 6.0]
MathWorldPackages.zip (938 KB) - Eric Weisstein's MathWorld Packages 2006-04-23 [for Mathematica 5.2]

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