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Flash-Enabled Mathematica

Keehong Song
Organization: Pusan National University
Department: Department of Mathematics Education, College of Education
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When designed with simplicity in mind, the Flash-enabled user-interface will not only give a gentle and entertaining introduction to Mathematica, but also will give a effective demonstration of the range of powerful Mathematica functionality in a visually concise manner. It could further motivate and encourage the user to learn more about Mathematica functionality of the user-interface and language.

Software needed to run the Flash files:
1. A copy of Mathematica --
2. Jlink --
3. Java Runtime Environment --
4. Flash 6 plug-in and player --

*Information Science and Technology > Internet > HTML
*Mathematica Technology > Programming
*Mathematica Technology > Programming > Animations

Flash, User-Interface, Graphics, Regression, Plot
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Download (397.6 KB) - Files for Mathematica Flash