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HEP: A Package for Symbolic High-Energy Physics Calculations

A. Hsieh
Organization: Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
Eran Yehudai
Organization: Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
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A set of Mathematica packages for symbolic calculation of Feynman diagrams. The packages were designed as an aid in calculating tree-level multi-particle electroweak production processes, though they can be used for a much wider class of calculations.

*Science > Physics > Nuclear and Particle Physics

Feynman diagrams, AbsSquared, Alpha, Boost, BoostAmount, Boson, BottomQuark, Charged Lepton, ChargedLepton, Charm Quark, CharmQuark, Chiral Fermions, ClassQ, ClearProperties, CollectWithoutExpanding, CommutativeAllQ, CommutativeQ, Commutator, Commute, Contract, ConvertToChiralFermions, ConvertToGamma5, ConvertToMassless, ConvertToST, Cross Section, CrossSection, Cylindrical, Decay, Decay Width, DecayWidth, Delta, DescendentQ, Dirac Gamma, DiracGamma, DiracGamma5, DiracGammaSize, Dot Product, DotProduct, DotProductRules, Down Quark, DownQuark, DownTypeQuark, ElectricCharge, ElectricE, Electron, ElectronNeutrino, Energy, Eps, EvaluatePhaseSpaceIntegral, ExpandSlash, FermiGF, Fermion, FirstGeneration, G, GammaTrace, GeV, GeVToMilliBarn, Generation, Gluon, HeavyVector, HeavyVectorPolarization, HelicityProjection, HEP, HEPHYSICS, HiggsBoson, High Energy Physics, High-Energy Physics, Kobayashi Maskawa, KobayashiMaskawa, Lepton, LightlikeVectorDecayedFrom, LightlikeVectorNotCollinearWith, Longitudinal Polarization, LongitudinalPolarization, Mandelstam, MandelstamRules, Mass, Massless Vector, MasslessVector, MasslessVectorPolarization, MeV, MilliBarn, Momentum, Muon, MuonNeutrino, NEvaluatePhaseSpaceIntegral, Neutrino, NewProperties, NonCommutativeExpand, NonCommutativeFactor, NumberOfFamilies, Opposite, Particle, Perpendicular Momentum, PerpendicularMomentum, Phase Space Integral, PhaseSpaceIntegral, Photon, PhysicsForm, PhysicsFormPrint, PolarizationCombinations, PrepareIndex, Propagator, Properties, Quark, STToTraces, SU3D, SU3F, SU3T, Scalar, SecondGeneration, Self, SetClass, SetClassDelayed, SetDotProduct, SetMandelstam, SetMass, SetNonCommutative, SetProperties, SetReal, Slash, SpaceDirection, SpaceTimeDimension, Spherical, Spin, SpinorS, SpinorT, SpinorU, SpinorUbar, SpinorV, SpinorVbar, Squared, Strange Quark, StrangeQuark, Strong Alpha, StrongAlpha, StrongG, SuperClass, Tau, Tau Neutrino, TauNeutrino, TeV, ThetaW, ThirdGeneration, Top Quark, TopQuark, Up Quark, UpQuark, UpTypeQuark, Vector, Vertex, WBoson, WeakG, WeakIsospin3, ZAxis, ZBoson, boson, bottom quark, feynman diagrams, gamma matrices, gamma product, gamma trace, heavy vector, high energy physics, muon, neutrino, particle physics, spinor, top quark, README.txt, NonCommutativeMultiply.m, RelativisticKinematics.m, Spinor.m, Class.m, StandardModel.m, CrossSection.m, SpinorTechniques.m, aliases.m, work.m,, HIP.dvi, Samples.tar.Z,, Samples.sit.hqx
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README.txt (1.1 KB) - file descriptions and inventory
Class.m (3.6 KB) - Some object-oriented programming utilities
CrossSection.m (9.7 KB) - Automatic phase-space generation and integration
HIP.dvi (68.9 KB) - dvi file for SLAC-PUB-5576 documenting the packages
Download (219.4 KB) - PostScript file for SLAC-PUB-5576 documenting the packages
NonCommutativeMultiply.m (3.8 KB) - General utilities for non-commutative algebras
RelativisticKinematics.m (13 KB) - Functions for manipulating four-vectors
Samples.sit.hqx (6.9 KB) - Macintosh Stuffit file of sample calculations directory
Samples.tar.Z (4.8 KB) - compressed tar file of sample calculations directory
Download (4.3 KB) - ZIP file of sample calculations directory
Spinor.m (32.5 KB) - Functions for handling Dirac algebra objects
SpinorTechniques.m (14.1 KB) - Implementation of the Kleiss and Stirling spinor techniques
StandardModel.m (15 KB) - data-base of rules
aliases.m (3.6 KB) - some aliases and other typing short cuts
work.m (238 B) - Loads all necessary packages in the correct order