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Matrix Decomposition Using Pauli Matrices

Heiko Feldmann
Organization: Institute for theoretical physics, University of Würzburg, Germany
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The package "Pauli" is designed to represent square matrices in the basis of Pauli matrices and their higher-rank generalizations. Its basic function is to translate between normal representations of matrices and the representation as linear combinations of Pauli matrices. Pauli matrices play an important role in physics, especially in quantum mechanics, but also in the description of rotating solids or in optics etc.

Together with "Pauli", we supply a notebook introducing the reader to the functions provided by the package, and giving some simple applications from quantum mechanics and quantum field theory.

*Science > Physics > Quantum Physics

Pauli matrices, Quantum Mechanics
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Pauli-Demonstration.nb (20 KB) - Tutorial notebook for the Pauli package
Pauli.m (2.3 KB) - Mathematica package

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