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Pulse Propagation Along Close Conductors

Dr. Andreas Dieckman
Organization: University of Bonn
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The propagation and reflection of arbitrarily shaped pulses on non-dispersive parallel conductors of finite length with user defined cross section is simulated employing the discretized telegraph equation. The geometry of the system of conductors and the presence of dielectric material determine the capacities and inductances that enter the calculation. The values of these parameters are found using an iterative Laplace equation solving procedure and confirmed for certain calculable geometries including the line charge inside a box. The evolving pulses and the resulting crosstalk can be plotted at any instant and - in the Mathematica version of this report ( - be looked at in an animation. As an example a differential pair of microstrips as used in the ATLAS vertex detector is analysed. contains Pulse.nb with Mac-format newlines (CR). and Pulse.tgz contain Pulse.nb with LF for newlines.

*Engineering > Electrical Engineering

Crosstalk, Pulse Propagation, Reflection, Capacity, Inductance

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Download (4.3 MB) - ZIP archive