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Stochastic Fibre Networks

S. Yang
Organization: Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Toronto
C. T. J. Dodson
Organization: Department of Mathematics, University of Toronto
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This notebook arose from research on the statistical geometry of stochastic fibre networks. Quite a lot of theory exists for the purely random case, based on a Poisson process, but little has been done for the non-random case when the fibres aggregate. Here we use CRAY-generated aggregation data and animate a sequence of networks passing through random dispersed and aggregated phases. The work on aggregation has applications in many industrial processes, for a discussion of the modelling of paper see the book by M. Deng and C.T.J. Dodson, "Paper: An Engineered Stochastic Structure" Tappi Press, Atlanta 1994. Reprinted from 1994 Mathematica Developers Conference, Champaign, Illinois.

*Mathematics > Discrete Mathematics > Graph Theory

Industrial Engineering, Applications, paper production, physical modelling, graphics animation, applied mathematics, stochastic fibre networks, stochastic fiber networks, mathlink, random network, flocculated network, dispersed network
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DispersedStructure.dat (89.8 KB) - Data file of the coordinates of fibre centers for the dispersed fibre network
FlocculatedStructure.dat (89.8 KB) - Data file of the coordinates of fibre centers for the flloculated fibre network
Localarealdensity.c (6.3 KB) - External C program
Download (372 B) - Template file for Localarealdensity.c
RandomStructure.dat (89.8 KB) - Data file of the coordinates of fibre centers for the random fibre network
StochsticFibres.nb (7.6 MB) - Mathematica notebook
datafile (68 B) - Text file containing the name of data files

Files specific to Mathematica 2.2 version:
Download (4.5 MB) - Mathematica notebook