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Ray Tracing with Optica

Henry Lamb
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This is a demonstration of how ray tracing can be done with Optica. The example used is the problem of finding the exit pupil of a system consisting of an aperture stop and a thin lens.

This simple example could, of course, be solved more easily with graph paper and a pencil. However, this demonstration has value as an example of the use of Optica, including points which need to be kept in mind, and as a model for more complex ray tracing problems. Physics instructors may find it of use in demonstrating optical principles.

The notebook was written using the packages Optica (available as a Mathematica application) and ExtendGraphics (available as a supplement to "Mathematica Graphics: Techniques & Applications," item 3753).

*Applied Mathematics > Visualization > Ray Tracing
*Science > Physics > Optics

aperture stop, optical principles
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EntrancePupil.nb (821.1 KB) - Mathematica notebook
ExitPupil.nb (686.8 KB) - Mathematica notebook