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Antique Notations

Robby Villegas
Organization: Wolfram Research, Inc.

Roman Today, anywhere in the world, an expression such as x^3 + 2003 can be understood by anyone with mathematical training. In centuries past, other methods have been used. This notebook explores some of these older notations, including Roman Numerals, Greek Numerals, the Diophantus polynomial form, the François Viète polynomial form, the Harriot polynomial form, the Nicolas Chuquet polynomial form, and the Leibniz function notation.

Stephen Wolfram gave a talk about mathematical notations for MathML International Conference 2000.

*Arts and Humanities > History and Philosophy of Mathematics
*Mathematica Technology > Programming > Symbolic Computation
*Mathematics > Foundations of Mathematics
*Mathematics > Recreational Mathematics

Roman Numerals, Greek Numerals, Diophantus polynomial form, François Viète polynomial form, Harriot polynomial form, Nicolas Chuquet polynomial form, and Leibniz function notation.

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