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Korea Mathematica User Conference 2011 Presentations

Yu-Sung Chang
Organization: Wolfram Research, Inc.
Department: Technical Communication and Strategy

Korea Mathematica User Conference 2011
Conference location

Seoul, Korea

Description: This file contains 4 presentations: 1. Wolfram Mathematica 8: A New Paradigm in Scientific Computing 2. Software Development with Mathematica 8: Compiler, Code Generation, SymbolicC, and LibraryLink 3. Image Processing with Mathematica 8: Comprehensive Image Processing Environment 4. Tutorial: Random Number Generation in Mathematica 8

*Mathematica Technology

Mathematica 8, image processing, random number, RNG, code generation, C code generation, CUDA, GPU, GPU programming, dynamic library, librarylink, compiler, compile, symbolicc

Download (10.9 MB) - ZIP archive