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Integer Linear Programming, Frobenius Instances, and Frobenius Numbers

Daniel Lichtblau
Organization: Wolfram Research, Inc.

JMM 2008
Conference location

San Diego, California

Talk given at JMM 2008, session on Frobenius numbers.

I will show how lattice reduction and branch-and-bound methods may be used in tandem to solve Frobenius instance problems. We apply much the same methods to other aspects of finding Frobenius numbers. Moreover the instance solver can be used to give good (as in tight, with high probability) bounds on the Frobenius number, in many cases where the latter computation is intractable with current methods.

Part 1: Review integer linear programming and Frobenius instance solving

Part 2: Show further applications to Frobenius number problem

*Mathematics > Discrete Mathematics > Combinatorics
*Mathematics > Number Theory

Frobenius numbers, Frobenius instance problem, postage stamp problem, change making problem, integer linear programming
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