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AbstractAlgebra Rewritten for Version 6

Allen Hibbard
Organization: Central College
Department: Mathematics and Computer Science

International Mathematica User Conference 2008
Conference location

Champaign, IL

In 1995, Ken Levasseur and I created a suite of packages called AbstractAlgebra that ran under Version 2.2 of Mathematica. This collection was intended as a pedagogical tool for those teaching or learning abstract algebra and covered groups, rings, fields, and morphisms between such structures. Wherever possible, there was a graphical realization of the algebraic ideas. When Version 3 first came out, many changes were made to accommodate the new capabilities that were available. Since Version 6 has been released, more work has been done to first make the packages compatible and then to take advantage of the new capabilities of this new version. In this talk, we will look at how we have taken advantage of some of features of Version 6 to illustrate various algebraic concepts.

*Mathematica Technology

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ATourOfAbstractAlgebra.nb (356.4 KB) - Mathematica Notebook
AbstractAlgebraRewritten_Abstract.nb (251.1 KB) - Mathematica Notebook
AbstractAlgebraRewritten_Presentation.nb (321.5 KB) - Mathematica Notebook
AbstractAlgebraRewritten_PresentationEvaluated.nb (1.1 MB) - Mathematica Notebook

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