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Compound Program Packages in Random Science Training and Technical Modelling

Igor E. Poloskov
Organization: Perm State University

1999 International Mathematica Symposium

The present paper is presenting a review of our applications of computer algebra systems (CAS) [10, 11, 40] to different problems: for analysis of random phenomena in nonlinear dynamical systems and primary education in this sphere; for finding of control functions and for mathematical modelling of a mechanical objects movement. To archive final results in various tasks it is required to process a large number of mathematical calculations. Moreover the complexity of investigated objects requires to automate a procedure of model construction that results in the necessity of CAS using (together with numerical accounts) at all stages of scientific research.

*Engineering > Mechanical and Structural Engineering
*Science > Physics > Mechanics

nonlinear dynamical systems, control functions, model construction, computer algebra system, CAS, technical modelling


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