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CarcinoMod: A Tool for Carcinogenesis Modeling

Qi Zheng
Organization: Texas A&M University Health Science Center
Department: Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics

1998 Worldwide Mathematica Conference
Conference location

Chicago, IL

The computation of the survival and hazard rate functions for various cancer models has occupied a central place in carcinogenesis modeling for about two decades. As a result, the survival and hazard rate functions are often called the two fundamental quantities in the field. The author has recently written a package named CarcinoMod that computes the two fundamental quantities for a wide array of multistage carcinogenesis models. The purpose of this presentation is to show how the symbolic computational capability of Mathematica was combined with its numerical power to handle the two fundamental quantities in a unified approach, making the package easy to use.

*Mathematics > Probability and Statistics
*Science > Biology

survival function, hazard rate function

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CarcinoMod.m (62.7 KB) - Mathematica Package
CarcinoMod.nb (226.5 KB) - Mathematica Notebook

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