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Simulation of Forces: Solution of the Inverse Dynamics in Classical Mechanics

Robert Kragler

1999 Mathematica Developer Conference
Conference location

Champaign, IL

Given the path of a particle r=r(t), then the "inverse dynamical problem" is: what is the force F(t) acting on the particle? The problem posed will be illustrated using the example of a particle moving frictionless along a horizontal line and at the same time sliding on a rotating contour C. Assigned a uniformly accelerated motion or harmonic oscillations, the resulting equations are solved with Mathematica, and the shape of the contour C is determined, which gives rise to the prescribed dynamical behavior of the particle along a horizontal line. An animation is used to visualize the dynamics of the system under investigation.

*Science > Physics > Mechanics

particle on straight line, particle on track, particle on a rotating contour
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