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Dirac Strings and the Nonperturbative Photon Propagator in Compact QED

K. Yee
Journal / Anthology

Year: 1992

A “3D” Mathematica-generated picture of monopoles and Dirac strings in $D=2+1$ compact QED is given. In the Villian approximation, the monopole part of the partition function factorizes from the Dirac string part, which generates the photon propagator. Numerical experiments in exact compact QED confirm this result: photon mass pole $M_\gamme$, originally nonzero, is insensitive to monopole prohibition but almost vanishes if Dirac strings are prohibited. Subscribers get one uuencoded compressed printer-ready POSTSCRIPT file containing everything, made by the “uufiles” utility. Directions for unpacking are given.

*Science > Physics > Quantum Physics