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Symbolic and numerical solution of the axisymmetric indentation problem for a multilayered elastic coating

A. Constantinescu
A.M. Korsunsky
O. Pison
A. Oueslati
Journal / Anthology

International Journal of Solids and Structures
Year: 2013
Volume: 50
Page range: 2798–2807

This paper is concerned with a semi-analytical approach to the solution of the axisymmetric indentation problem for a multilayered elastic half-space. The stress and displacement fields for each layer and the substrate are derived in closed form by using the Papkovich–Neuber potentials and the Hankel transform. The bonded or sliding interface conditions between the sub-layers are handled by the use of the appropriate transfer matrix, and then the mixed boundary value problem is reduced to a Fredholm integral equation. Symbolic and numerical computations of the solution are implemented in the symbolic software Mathematica in the form of a fast and efficient numerical algorithm, allowing rapid determination of the load–displacement curves and composite elastic properties for an arbitrary rigid indenter shape. A series of results for different indenters (flat, conical, spherical and blunted conical punch shapes) and different multilayered composites is presented and discussed. The complete set of symbolic and numerical computations are provided as supplementary resources with the paper.


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