The Help Browser

The Mathematica Help Browser, a complete, fully interactive, typeset-quality help system, contains all the Mathematica documentation. This includes:

  • The Mathematica Book
  • Mathematica Standard Add-on Packages
  • Getting Started with Mathematica

The documentation consists entirely of fully indexed Mathematica notebooks, which offer the same high typesetting quality as the printed documentation. Additionally, all of the Help Browser notebooks are fully interactive, so you can execute calculations, make changes, and copy and paste. Developers and other advanced users can add their own help notebooks and comments. (By default, the Help Browser discards any changes to its contents, but that can be customized.)

To get to the Help Browser, either press SHIFT-F1 or select Help from the Help menu. To look up specific information, type the name of the function you want to look up and press F1 or select Find Selected Function... from the Help menu.

By default, the Help Browser searches only the Built-in Functions part of the index. If you do not find the answer you are looking for there, click the Master Index button and repeat the search.