1.1 A New Approach

The use of computer software in statistics is far from new. Indeed, literally hundreds of statistical computer programs exist. Yet, underlying existing programs is almost always a numerical / graphical view of the world. Mathematica can easily handle the numerical and graphical sides, but it offers in addition an extremely powerful and flexible symbolic computer algebra system. The mathStatica software package builds upon that symbolic engine to create a sophisticated toolset specially designed for doing mathematical statistics. This forms the basis of a Springer-Verlag text entitled Mathematical Statistics with Mathematica (600 pages) that ships with CD-ROM, custom palettes, online help, and live interactive chapters. This provides a simple and unified approach for doing mathematical statistics with Mathematica, suited to those in statistics, econometrics, engineering, physics, psychometrics, economics, finance, biometrics - indeed across the full ambit of the physical/social sciences and across both the pure and the applied domains. It is expected to be available by January 2000.