Image Display

All image data imported into Mathematica using the ImageRead command may be displayed using Show, since ImageRead returns an ImageData object  that is Show compatible.



Raw monochrome image data may be visualized in any number of ways, such as surface plots, contour plots and  intensity plots. The latter is the most natural (see ListDensityPlot, Raster).

Here is a 32-by-32  fragment of the example image.



According to (3), color image data in a planar format may be treated as three separate single color images, one for each of the color channels. Here, the three channels are displayed as a GraphicsArray.



Alternatively, the three individual color channels may be viewed as separate monochrome images. This is a convenient conceptualization of color images allowing the simple and immediate extension of many monochrome image processing techniques to the color image domain.

Further reading

User's Guide: Section 2.5.

Function Index: ImageRead, ImageTake, ToChannels, ToGrayLevel, PlanarImageData.