Nabil Fares 9:52 Submitted code lacks PointsAtLevel (doesn't work)
Picture is skewed
Richard Mercer 10:00 &:
Nancy Blachman 10:02 No TreeGraphic function! (called "doit"!)
10:45 &:
M. Asghar Bhatti 10:03 Unrecognizable picture
Al Kaufman 10:19 Right but off by one (not deep enough)
Matthew G. Knepley 10:20 Picture is slightly skewed
David B. Wagner 10:30 Spirally picture (wanted Dali-esque award)
1:40 Off by one
Robert Nachbar 10:34 &:
Hong Qin 10:38 Strange picture, doesn't return Graphics[...]
10:45 Now with short edges near the edge
11:10 And now a 3D version
Fred Olness 10:48 Missing a segment