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1997 Mathematica Developer Conference

Spell checker


Notice how there are no speling mistakes in this talk. How is this possible?

Includes Proximity spelling system, and we bundle a math/science dictionary at no charge.
But, it's not just a generic spell checker.

5000 word supplementary dictionary built from Mathematica books and packages, using a "Dictionary harvester" program. (If you want words from your book included, please give us your files to scan.)

You can add your own dictionary in either Mathematica list format, or one-word-per-line format (e.g., taken from a unix spell dictionary, etc).

Spell checker knows about conventions used in computerese: Checks internally capitalized words as separate entities (e.g. RationalApproximation) will pass, unlike in any other program. Also understands _ (underscore) as word separator (e.g. count_Integer will pass).