What's New in Mathematica R&D?

Roger Germundsson
Wolfram Research, Inc.

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Roger Germundsson

This is a guided tour through the new features in the upcoming version of Mathematica. We have made quite a bit of progress since Version 3, and some example areas include the following.

  • Much faster and scaleable numerics whether dealing with large arrays of data or very high precision numbers
  • Simplification with general forms of assumptions including specifying domains of variables, equations, and inequalities
  • Extensive Import/Export mechanism for importing and exporting file formats such as for graphics, sound, data, and documents
  • Many new special functions such as Struve and harmonic numbers as well as support for generalized functions such as DiracDelta
  • New programming constructs such as NestWhile, PadLeft, and ListConvolve
  • Improvements to user interface including unmatched bracket highlighting, cursor tracking, and auto replacement
  • New contexts for direct-access Developer` functions and Experimental` features

Roger Germundsson is Director of Research and Development at Wolfram Research, Inc. and is intimately involved in the design, documentation, and production of Mathematica and application packages. His background is in mathematics, computer science, and engineering with a Ph.D. in control theory from Linköping University and with several additional years of study and research at Stanford University.