Mathematica's Integrated Programming and Graphics Capability in Action: Terrain Elevation Masking

Raymond Smeeth
Science Application International Corporation

Mathematica's integrated programming and graphics capability has provided an invaluable tool to analysts in many fields. Terrain masking of a radar's line-of-sight is a problem that highlights both the versatility and the power of Mathematica: Mathematica becomes not only the instrument by which to analytically assess the degree of the problem (with code) but also the means to visualize, prior to analysis, the likelihood of the problem and, after analysis, the extent of the problem in a 3D image. Mathematica makes imaging and analysis of any place on the world's surface easy and, with access to the vast databases on the internet, quick as well. We illustrate in the presentation just how quick and easy this kind of analysis has become. We also speculate on Mathematica's future by showing some enhanced 3D rendering capability.