The Mathematica Front End: Past Successes and Future Directions

Theodore W. Gray and Neil Soiffer
Wolfram Research, Inc.

We will present a look at some of the interesting things people have done with Version 3 along with a discussion of some of the new features in the next version, including spell checking, inline cells, short names, abbreviations, and improved importing and exporting. We will conclude by showing some of the directions we are exploring for future versions. There will be a question and answer session immediately following the presentation.

Theodore W. Gray, a well-known Mathematica expert, has for ten years been the principal architect of Mathematica's notebook front end. He has coauthored Exploring Mathematics with Mathematica and The Beginner's Guide to Mathematica, Version 2 and Version 3.

Neil Soiffer is one of the principal architects for the Version 3 front end and is the primary person responsible for the typesetting features in Version 3. He came to Wolfram Research after spending several years at Tektronix in their Computer Research Laboratory. He obtained a Ph.D. and a master's degree in computer science at UC Berkeley and spent his undergraduate years at MIT.